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November 05, 2004

Concurso de Plantillas para Expression Engine

Posted in: Diseño web

Como exusuarios de pMachine hemos recibido hoy un aviso de que la gente de pMachine está organizando un concurso abierto de diseño de plantillas para Expression Engine.

Se trata de uno de esos concursos donde sí hay premios, de hecho el ganador se lleva un iPod mini, una copia de Expression Engine y un año de hosting.

No hace falta tener conocimientos ni estudiar cómo funcionan las plantillas de EE, ya que sólo hay que enviar un XHTML con su correspondiente CSS.

Para quien pueda estar interesado, a continuación está el mail con toda la información o también puedes visitar la página del concurso.

Contenido del mail:

We are pleased to announce the ExpressionEngine Template Contest with over $2000 in prizes!

Are you a designer? If so, consider submitting a template design in one of the contest’s two categories. Submissions will be accepted until the end of November, and then eight winners will be chosen by our community members to share the prizes. You can enter more than once, so start designing!

Please carefully review the details below. When your design is ready, use the submission form (link below) to enter. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Good luck!

-pMachine Team





Two different categories of templates can be submitted:
* Blogging – A blogging template is one that is suitable for blogging use
* Professional – A professional template is one that is suitable for business or any non-blogging usage (e-zines, portals, corporate sites, etc.)

The top four winners in each of the two categories will receive the following prizes:
* 1st prize: iPod Mini + 1 copy of EE + 1 year hosting
* 2nd prize: $100 Amazon Gift Certificate + 1 copy of EE + 6 months hosting
* 3rd prize: $50 Amazon Gift Certificate + 1 copy of EE
* 4th prize: 1 copy of EE

* Submissions will be accepted until November 30th, 2004 at 11:59pm
* Winners will be announced on December 10th at High Noon!

* Open voting will begin on December 1st and last until December 7th, 2004
* One vote per category per registered member (2 votes total)
* Depending on submissions pMachine, Inc. will possibly pare down the voting pool prior to open voting

* Anyone may enter. You do not have to be an EE user
* Templates must be an original work of the person submitting it
* Enter as many templates as you want but DO NOT submit multiple variations of the same design

Template Requirements
* Minimum of Two Pages: a main/index page and one comment/interior page
* Templates musts be submitted as HTML pages with embedded CSS. NO SCREEN SHOTS
* Minimum Size: 800×600 browser window
* Templates must display properly in, at least, Windows IE 6, Mozilla, and Firefox
* Templates must be built using valid XHTML and valid CSS
* Any images or graphics must be royalty free

pMachine reserves the right to include any template submissions as part of our software distribution or in our template library. Credit will be given to the designers of any templates used.

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